Running Therapy

I like running. Now I do. But I remember when the thought of me slipping on a pair of running shoes and throwing myself on the road to start running would seem very unlikely.

"Why do people run? What do they get from it? Don't they get tired? What's a good speed to run at? Where do I run? What shoes do I need? What do they think of when they run? Do they do it everyday?"  ...  " I can´t run. I was never the best at P.E. anyway. Oh wow, but I sweat too much. My face is gonna go red. I will get tired. I am not fit. Running is not for me... let's leave it for the professionals or people who have been doing it for their whole life".

Those were the questions I would ask myself and some of the excuses I would give to keep me away from even trying to go for a jog.

It was in 2010. Yes.. I would say that year I did my first proper run (if I can give it that name!). I happened to be in Sydney at that time. The weather was nice and warm and I was at home with so many things in my head. I still don't know what made me do it, but I was listening to a catchy summer song and I felt the need to get out and MOVE!. Probably it was the heat, or there was something in my breakfast that day... haha! -Kidding- That was it, without thinking about it, I grabbed the first pair of shorts I could get a hold of, a probably too-old-to-be-worn sports bra and a random T-shirt. Then... I grabbed my good old pair of Reebook Easy Tone (those shoes us girls used to be crazy about because they would get us fit and tone our legs and bum on our way to the shops! wooooop). Now, thanks to being part of Nike and living a daily life surrounded by trainers and runners I know those were NOT the ideal shoes to run in, but at that time I had no clue.  

I didn't even know what to take with me. I grabbed water, my phone, keys, a banana, a TOWEL!!!!, headphones and I still thought I was forgetting something. Obviously I couldnt even grab all that stuff properly, so I left mostly everything and only took my Phone (for the music you know :P) and my keys. 

I reemember I didn't even know how to start running I thought "Am I supposed to run as if I were to catch a bus?". so I think I started running at not a very recommendable pace for a very beginner like me. I enjoyed it for the first little bit - the breeze, the sun on my skin, the catchy tones I was listening to, the cute park close to Darling point, the smell of summer...- Then I started to overthink, I couldn't even breathe, I started to get hot, red and sweaty. I stopped at what it seemed a decent distance for a first run. I looked at my phone to check how long i did it for. Was it going to be 15min? 20? 30 maybe??... 7! 7 minutes. I only did 7 minutes and I felt as if I was going to die at any moment. I felt like I failed at it and I walked home thinking I would never do that again. 

The next day I went for another run. 

And the next.

And the next too.

And the following...

And before I could realise (it did take me months to be honest) the Nike+ Running app was on my top 5 Apps being used on my iPhone. I wasn´t fast, but I was stronger. I had more self discipline, I was healthier, I felt less tired, I started craving healthier foods, drinking more water regularly, I was...

H A P P I E R !

So to answer my own questions... People run to free their minds, to get out there and have some time with their own selves, to be healthier, happier, stronger, to achieve goals, to have fun./ They DO get tired, they do want to stop, They think of giving up... they just decide not to./ There is no right pace to run at. Run at your own comfortable pace, a speed that doesn't affect your breathing, a speed that let's you enjoy your run. Run faster when you feel like it, and run slow whenever you want./ Can't talk for everyone, but I think of so many random things when I run... or sometimes I think of nothing at all. It depends on how I am feeling. / They run when they feel like it. As often as they want. It can be everyday, every week or every month. It's entirely up to you.

There's no big leaps, only tiny little steps. Be consistent and don't give up, stay positive and you'll get there. Whether it's running or any other life goal you want to pursuit. 

You are good enough to get there!

Laura xx

Shoes: Nike Free Run 3 - Hot punch reflective silver sol volt